Tres Dimesiones is approximately a 70,000 squarefoot warehouse that sales used clothing by the pound. Various specific qualities of clothing are available, as well as unsorted clothing by the bail or Monton. There is no minimum purchase amount for the Monton; also Available are Bales ranging from 900 Lbs to 1300 Lbs Purchase 1 or several trailer fulls (36,000+ Lbs).
Bails(pacas) of clothing weigh 1,000LB and more.

Some sorted clothing qualities include: Mixed #1,#2. Casa/Home #1,#2. Corseteria/Undergarments. Shoes, and Toys.
By the Box:
Item available by the box include T-Shirts, Ladies T-shirts(ladies polo), Mens Mixed Shirts, and Mens Collar Shirts, of 100/LBS and up.
Our Mound (Monton) is over 3,750 Cubic feet large. 25x30x5

In store items
for small or large purchase.
Clothing In the mound(monton) is sold for .30 cents per LB.
Special mound (monton especial)
Leather Jackets (seasonal)
Flanel shirts  (seasonal)
Corduroy shirts (seasonal)
Halloween costumes Start at $3 (seasonal)
Party Dresses Starting at $10
Wedding Dresses Starting at $20

Mens Shoes
Mens Tennies
Mens Sandals
Mens Boots
Womens Shoes
Womens Tennies
Womens Sandals/house shoes
Kids Shoes 
Kids Tennies 
Kids Boots
Prices subject to change without notice.
Tenemos Pacas de 1,000 libras y mas. La Ropa es (Mixta de Bolsa) que refiera puede ser ropa mixta de todas classes: frio, calor, adulto, nino, colchas, savana, corceteria, jugete, zapato, bolsa de mano...

Pude ser, Mixta #1,2, Casa #1,2, Bebe #1,2, Corseteria, y mas
Viene sin estar classificado. precios competitivos
1100 LB x Precio = $XXX mas iva.

Ropa del Monton- sin minimo= $0.30 por libra.
Nuestro Monton es mas de 3,750 pies Cubicos. 25x30x5
Precios puden cabiar sin aviso
Tres Dimensiones Ropa Usada inc. Copyright 1989-Present